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Warhammer 40k Tyranids Hive Crone "Render of Worlds"


One-of-a-kind Warhammer 40k Tyranids "Render of Worlds" Hive Crone model.  Painted in white/blue ice theme with worn carapace and translucent wings.
Painted and fully assembled.  Wings are magnetized so as to be removable for easy transport.

Warhammer 40k Deathwing Petra “The Rock” Land Raider


One-of-a-kind Warhammer 40k Deathwing Petra “The Rock” Land Raider model.  Painted to Deathwing colours with white highlight.  Weapons:  Storm Bolter, Hunter Killer Missile, 2 twin-linked Lascannons, twin-linked Heavy Bolter.

Painted and fully assembled with Forgeworld Dark Angel doors.  Storm Bolter is glued in place.  Hunter Killer Missile rotates, tilts up and down.  Heavy Bolter and Lascannons rotate, tilt up and down, can be removed.  Lascannons are magnetized.  Assault ramp opens and close.  Left ramp opens and closes.  Inner doors also open and close.  Right tool door opens and closes.  Inside of model painted.

Left side of Land Raider portrays a hand painted mural of a nebula and The Rock remains of the Chapter Planet Caliban.  Removing the Lascannon sponson reveals Watchers in the Dark overseeing Lion El’Jonson’s sarcophagus.

"The landraider is beautiful, truly a work of art! I read your blog and fully appreciate all the time and effort
that went into it. I have been playing 40k since second edition so it has found a good home (not in the
army of some twelve year old with rich parents). I will send you an update after its first battle! 
Stay well, may your dice roll only sixes!"

Warhammer 40k Eldar Wraithknight "Sunrise"


One-of-a-kind Warhammer 40k Eldar Wraithknight “sunrise” model.  Painted with a sunrise and stars.  Arms can put in different positions.  All weapons are magnetized.  Weapons are Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannons, Starcannons, Ghostglaive, Shattershield, Suncannon and Heavy Wraithcannons.  All weapon mounts are magnetized.  Can choose to mount the Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Canons and Starcannons of your choice on shoulders or forearms.

Warhammer 40k Eldar Crimson Hunter "Sunset"


One-of-a-kind Warhammer 40k Eldar Crimson Hunter “Sunset” model.  Painted with a sunset and crescent moon.  Weapons: Pulse Laser with two Bright Lances.  The Bright Lances are magnetized.  You can swap them out for magnetized Starcannons.  The canopy opens and closes revealing a fully painted cockpit with object source lighting from the display on the pilots armor.