Greetings!  Welcome to Silver Gargoyle Productions.

Below are answers to some of the questions you may have about the company.

Update: 7 Jan 2015.  Working on Eldar and Pathfinder commissions.

Accepting commissions.

Who: For the most part, SGP is JJ.  I've been painting and playing table top wargames since '91.  Having a completely painted army on the field is satisfaction by itself. When my opponent leans in to look at my paint job and says great army, I've won.  Ethic of having a completely painted army is my forte and my specialty is free-hand customization.

I paint models, most often for wargaming and D&D but will happily do any. I also build terrains, paint banners, design stencil art.

Much of the work I do at my home in St Anthony, MN. I also do some things at Fantasy Flight Games, in the workshops of friends, or wherever else I can. 

Presently I make it a priority around my bill-paying job and spend 15+ hours a week working on models but it is my goal to do commission work full-time. Fortunately, I am a night-owl so my peak hours are spent doing what I love and I get to be drowsy through the work that I do not.

Why: Artistry related to gaming is my passion. I particularly enjoy customizing models. If you are interested in seeing any of my works in progress, visit my blog at  How to Lose at 40k.